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Become a Referral Real Estate Agent for $45/yr.
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How do I become a Referral Agent with TeamWork Referral?

1) Get Licensed

You must have a South Carolina Real Estate License and keep up the state required CEs (continuing education).
We recommend classes through TeamWorkRealEstateSchool.com.
Need more information on obtaining or renewing your license, please visit the
SC LLR Real Estate Commission
or call (803) 896-4400.

2) Complete the Application below to Join

The application below is also your contract with the brokerage. It does not go into effect until your annual $45 has been paid, and then we’ll send instructions on moving your license to TeamWork Referral.

3) Submit Referrals

Once you are on-boarded, you can submit referral forms and communicate with the brokerage all right here. Refer a client in ANY state to a real estate agent in ANY state, and receive a commission check!


  • Do I have to be a South Carolina resident?
    No! You only have to have a South Carolina Real Estate license.
  • Can I still work real estate in another state?
    Absolutely! You can be actively involved in real estate in any state, except in South Carolina you will only be able to ‘act as a non-licensed individual’.
  • How do I get a referral?
    • When you know someone (in any state) that is relocating, let them know you will connect them with an agent.
    • Locate a trustworthy agent for the person that is moving. Call the agent to let them know you have a client you would like to refer to them for 15%, 25%, 35% of the gross commission. You decide the amount but 25% is pretty typical.
    • If the agent accepts, request their email address so you can send them a PDF Referral form (which we’ll provide). Ask them to sign and return the Referral form, which you’ll upload to us.
    • When the agent closes the deal, their brokerage will send us your referral commission. We pay you via direct deposit.

Contract Application